On China, Archetypal Women and Twirling

Oh hi.
Things I’m thinking about today:
1. Labor in China becoming more expensive. The renaissance of the US labor market or is Mexico about to make a killing?
2. Reece Witherspoon in some crappy rom-com that I can’t remember the title of actually saying out loud that when her friends talk about their husbands and babies as what’s made their whole life complete… that she thinks they are lying. Even if just a little bit. Now, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do like an independent female character in mainstream media talking about how much she loves her life. Can we add a new archetype to the female canon?
3. How is it possible that I can’t find an expose on Aldi and Trader Joe’s ANYWHERE on the Googles??
4. The local trend. Eat local, buy local… what about TRAVEL local? I have this business/website idea, tell me what you think… TWiRL. Travel With Real Locals. When I travel, I don’t just want to go to the museums. I want to go to the museums and then walk down an alley to a great little cafe that isn’t in the tourbooks or posted on the hostel bulletin board. When I travel, I feel a huge gap between the Local and the Tourist worlds that I encounter. And I’d love it if somebody. Local. Wanted to pick me up and take me along on their awesome day of marketing and museuming and picnicking in the park. Maybe like couchsurfing or craigslist. This is a tiny idea.

What think?

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