I’ve been called a lot of things… most recently, a “hired gun” and a “silver bullet.”
I can do a lot of things…  most recently, I’ve been doing a lot of consulting:

  1. Brand and marketing strategy for non-profits, corporate social responsibility initiatives and global social enterprise.
  2. Discovering, anthropologically, the culture of a brand. Research, insights and application.
  3. Defining and expressing brand culture consistently both internally (operations and management) and externally (marketing, communications, and advertising).
  4. Crafting some “secret sauce” consistent with a brand culture. Your process is an object. Sell it.
  5. Thinking about an RFP or a pitch in a new, fresh way.
  6. Managing your basic growing pains- adding departments, integrating work groups, streamlining process and production and retaining brand and company culture.
  7. Brandnography™ – a unique service that combines cultural anthropology and strategic thinking.

How I work:

I work collaboratively. And fast.

I am happy to work with both agencies and clients, either on-site or externally.

I can function as a member of your existing team or as an invisible collaborator brought in for extra strategic and creative firepower.

I am most often hired independently, but if needed, I can assemble a team of talented specialists across multiple disciplines.

I prefer to be hired on a project or retainer basis, but can provide you with hourly, day or week rates if needed.

3 comments on “Consulting

  1. Hi Emilie
    ,from past ski coach and friend of your parents. Ran into P&W at Pam K’s 50th. Your dad turned me on to your blog which I read with interest. I don’t follow your steam of thought completetly but I get the idea. You have alot to offer how can I help you get business?

    I’ve spent the last 20 yrs in healthcare and now I’m going through a job transition which has me networking with dozens of execs. in all industry types.

    Take care

    Mark Halvorson

  2. Hi Mojo- I think, actually, that we come up with strategies based on both qualitative and quantitative research, plus a lot of other kinds of thinking and brainstorming and analysis and a little bit of intellectual magic. And then we create ideas that move that strategy forward.

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